Live Mobile Blackjack with Android – Attractive dealers just a click away!

Blackjack, or also known as 21, is a popular card game which can earn players some good cash if they know how to play it right. Naturally, as the outcomes of most of other card games, blackjack outcomes depend widely on players’ luck; nevertheless, there are certain playing strategies that can help them to increase their chances of beating the dealer’s hand. Casino software providers, in their pursuit of offering players the ultimate online blackjack experience, have developed real money live blackjack variants which can be played with Android smartphones and tablets. Android live blackjack offers authentic atmosphere, live dealers and real-time blackjack action anytime and anywhere.

Is There a Difference Between Playing Live Blackjack On Android Smartphones and Android Tablets?

When players discuss playing on Android mobile devices they think about Android smartphones and Android tablets. However, there are certain differences between playing on these two types of mobile devices. For example, smartphones tend to have smaller displays than tablets. This makes tablets a better option for playing real money live blackjack games since players can see everything better, plus the buttons are bigger and easier to press.

However, one difference that gives smartphones a small advantage is their size. Android smartphones are smaller and more compact than Android tablets; hence, players can easily take them anywhere without having to carry a special tablet case or a bag. Another differences may be found in the processor; nevertheless, even different smartphones or tablets have different technical specifications. In any case, more powerful devices provide better and sleek gaming experience, whereas devices with weak processor may have some difficulties in starting the platform or providing seamless streaming.


How to Win on Live Mobile Blackjack for Android Devices?

There are no guaranteed strategies that can help you win on live mobile blackjack for Android devices. However, there are certainly some things you should have in mind if you hope to at least improve your chances of beating the dealer’s hand. The main objective of blackjack is to score 21 or a count which is closer to 21 than the count of the dealer’s hand. In order to achieve this, players have to know when it is the best to hit, stand or split. Even though the optimal playing strategy for Android live blackjack depends on the rules, here is a strategy that gives best results when the game is played with 8 decks of card, the dealer stands on soft 17 and the players can double on any card.

  • Hard hand – When the player holds hard 5-11 he should hit regardless the dealer’s card. Hit is also a good option when the player has hard 12-16 and the dealer shows 7-Ace. Hard 10 and 11 across dealer’s 2-9 are a good chance to double. All other combinations should result with hitting the stand button.
  • Soft hand – Soft hands have a border which tells players whether to hit or stand. Soft 13-17 is a sign to hit, whereas soft 18-21 is a sing to stand. Exceptions to this rule are hit on soft 18 across dealer’s 9-Ace and double on soft 13-18 when the dealer holds 5 or 6.
  • Pairs – Tens are never split and Aces and eights are always split. Besides these three rules, it is advisable to split anything from pair of twos to pair of nines if the dealer holds a card between 2 and 7. It is a good choice to double on pair of fives if the dealer gets 2-9. Twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes and sevens are a sign to hit if the dealer holds 8 or higher.


How Do I Know That Real Money Live Blackjack for Android is fair?

Fairness of casino games has always been an intriguing topic to online players. However, unlike online casino games whose outcomes depend on random number generators, live dealer casinos provide real-time action which takes place in front of players’ eyes. Therefore, those who will play real money live blackjack with their Android device will be able to see a real blackjack dealer who shuffles the decks and draws the cards. Therefore, players should never worry whether there is a bug in the system or whether the software has been rigged. Also, each card used on live blackjack tables has its own code and it cannot be replaced with another card. Finally, if a player thinks that the dealer has made a mistake, he or she can contact the pit boss for assistance at any given time. Thus, the answer to the question “How anyone can know that live blackjack for Android is fair?” is very simple: players can see it with their eyes.