Live Mobile Android Roulette – Feel the thrill of the spinning wheel!

Roulette is a thrilling and elegant table game which always attracts visitors’ attraction in land based casinos. This game features a roulette wheel and a roulette layout that are specially designed for the needs of the game. One of the ways to have an authentic roulette experience is to play it at a live online casino using an Android device. Android is a popular mobile operating system and it is used in many powerful devices such as the Samsung Galaxy series, Sony Xperia series, HTC phones and etc. Playing roulette on Android smartphones and tablets comes with many advantages and therefore it has become one of the latest trends in the iGaming industry.

What Live Android Roulette Variant Has the Lowest House Edge?

House edge is very important to experienced players that are aware how this number can improve or worsen their chances of winning the game. Therefore, it is good to know which real money live Android roulette variant has the lowest house edge and which one should be avoided. French roulette is the recommended live dealer roulette game since it has a house edge of only 1.35%. The reason for this relatively low house edge, in comparison with the other variants, is the La Partage rule that allows Android players to keep half of their bet amount in case the ball lands on zero.

The second best option, when it comes to roulette games, is European roulette. This game has the standard single zero layout and it features numbers from 1 to 36. However, European roulette is played without the La Partage rule and therefore its house edge (2.70%) is two times higher than the one of French roulette. Finally, the last real money roulette game that is commonly offered at Android live casinos is American roulette. This game also doesn’t feature the La Partage rule and, additionally, it is played on a double zero layout. In other words, in addition to the numbers 1-36 and single zero field, American roulette layout features additional field with a double zero on it. Double zero significantly increases the house edge and makes it relatively high 5.26%.


Can Both Low and High Rollers Play Live Roulette with Their Androids?

Roulette is a game that, depending on the table limit, can be perfect for low, medium and high rollers. Most commonly, Android friendly live casinos offer two types of tables: one standard that have low betting limits and premium or VIP tables where the limits are very high. Low and medium roller tables usually have extremely low minimum bet amount which can vary from £0.10 to £1. High roller tables, on the other hand, don’t allow Android players to place less than £5 or £10 on the table. Maximum bet amount also depends on the type of the table. As a result, those tables that are designed for players with small bankrolls accept bets no higher than £200. However, there are live roulette tables where Android medium rollers can bet up to £1,000 or £5,000. Finally, Android live casinos tend to offer at least one VIP table which is specially designed for players who like to place high bets and win big. These tables sometimes can accept extremely high total bet amount of £50,000, £100,000 or more. Usually, the table limits can be seen without even taking a seat; hence, players always should check the limits before deciding which table suits them the best.


Which Is The Best Software Provider Of Live Android Roulette Games?

It is very hard to point out only one casino software provider as the best provider of Android friendly live dealer roulette games. However, it is quite easy to make a top three providers list. There is no doubt that Evolution Gaming has mastered its live dealer products, real money live roulette included. The company has made its Immersive Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette, VIP Roulette and Private Roulette tables available to Android users; thus, it has to be mentioned as one of the recommended software providers of live roulette variants that can be played on Android devices.

The second provider whose name has to be on the top three list is Playtech. Playtech has always showed respect towards its Android fans and hence its live dealer platform now supports devices that run on this mobile OS. The real money live roulette games that can be played at Playtech powered casinos are European Roulette, French Roulette, VIP Roulette and their Asian counterparts. Finally, the last provider that offers an excellent live dealer roulette solution to Android owners is Microgaming. Microgaming has developed only two games: Microgaming Roulette played with a European layout and Playboy themed live roulette.